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What defines a release date?

“Release date” for eligibility purposes is defined as the date of the first online transaction or stream. The first available consumer access as noted on each platform will be counted as the release date when determining eligibility. For songs available for streaming only, the release date is defined as the date the songs were made available for streaming online.


When is the deadline to submit?

Submissions must be completed online by 5:00 PM ET on May 31, 2024.


Are there any fees associated with submitting?

No, keep your money.


 Are Non-Canadians eligible to submit?

Non-Canadians are eligible provided they meet the following Canadian Criteria as defined by CARAS:

50% or more of group members hold Canadian birth certificates, passports or are Canadian Permanent Residents with residency in Canada during the last six months of the eligibility period;


The group is deemed by CARAS, in its sole discretion, to be Canadian as a result of:

  • the Canadian member(s) receiving the majority of royalties, touring profits and other proceeds earned by the group; and

  • the Canadian member(s) being the creative force behind the group and/or the principal songwriters for the group.

CARAS shall have sole discretion in applying the criteria above and determining whether the artist is Canadian.


 I have received a JUNO nomination in the past, can I submit?

No, in order to qualify for the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class, you must have never been recognized as a nominee by The JUNO Awards. This means as either a solo act or as part of a band.


Is there an age requirement to submit?

No matter what province/territory you are from, you must be 19 years of age or older on or before the start of Mentorship Week (September 16, 2024)  in order to be eligible. In the case of a band, all members must be 19 years of age or older.


If I am asked to provide proof of my release date since it does not appear online, what information do I need to provide?

You may submit a manufacturing invoice or documentation from the distributor, aggregator, record company, or streaming service.


Are cover songs eligible?

No. Only new material with melody and lyrics that have never been previously recorded. It is the submitter's express responsibility to ensure that all submitted songs are original recordings and not encumbered by master rights owners, music publishers, and any other third parties that have rights in such materials. CARAS reserves the right to require written confirmation that the songs are original recordings. CARAS reserves the right to disqualify submissions should CARAS determine, in its sole discretion, that these rights have been infringed.


Are there any sales requirements?



If I am signed to a label am I still eligible?

Yes, all artists are eligible to submit whether they are independent or signed to a record label (independent or major).


If I am in multiple bands, can they all be submitted?

Yes, as long as each band or solo act meets the eligibility criteria.  There may only be one submission made for each band.

If I am available for the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class Mentorship Week, and can’t attend The 2025 JUNO Awards in Vancouver, can I still submit?

No, you must be available for both Mentorship Week, September 16-20, 2024 and JUNO Week, March 26-30, 2025.


Are all musical genres eligible?

Yes, we welcome and encourage all styles of music.


Do I need a CARAS Academy Delegate to vouch for my submission?



I still have questions. Who do I contact?

The CARAS submission team is available Monday to Thursday 9 AM - 5 PM ET to assist with any submission and or program questions by phone or email. 

For phone service in English, please dial 416-485-3135 ext. 301
For phone service in French, please dial 416-485-3135 ext. 261 

For email inquiries, please reach out to masterclass@junoawards.ca