By submitting materials, you agree, on behalf of yourself, your directors, officers, employees, affiliates, licensors, successors, assigns and any contest finalist associated with your submission materials, to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS) and/or any third party acting on behalf of CARAS will have at its sole discretion the ability to determine what constitutes an incomplete submission. Incomplete or late submissions will not be accepted and CARAS will notify you of this.

  2. Once a submission is received, it will be reviewed by CARAS staff to ensure it meets all eligibility criteria (please see eligibility criteria for full rules).  If there are any questions regarding a submission, the submitter will be contacted by CARAS staff and will have THREE (3) days from such contact date to respond.

  3. It is the submitter's express responsibility to ensure that all submitted songs are original recordings and not encumbered by master rights owners, music publishers, and any other third parties that have rights in such materials. CARAS reserves the right to require written confirmation that the songs are original recordings. CARAS reserves the right to disqualify submissions should CARAS determine, in its sole discretion, that these rights have been infringed.

  4. By sending in your submission, this does not guarantee a position as a finalist. There is a specific process that determines the three finalists.

  5. All submitted material (photo, music, video, etc.) will be reviewed electronically by the judges in two rounds. The first round is comprised of music industry professionals who will select the top 10 submissions. A super jury will then determine the three finalists in the second round of voting.

  6. By sending in your submission, you acknowledge that you have the authority to send CARAS such submission and agree to these Terms and Conditions. You grant CARAS a no-charge, non-exclusive license to use the submission, and to permit the download and/or stream of the submission, by CARAS and users authorized by CARAS (including judges, artists, third parties acting on behalf of CARAS to administer or operate the judging process, and Slaight Music for the purposes of providing the service), for the purposes of reviewing and judging your submission as set out in these Terms and Conditions.  

  7. By sending in a submission, you further agree that if selected as a finalist,  you (or you on behalf of the finalist, if submitting on finalist’s behalf): (i) confirm your eligibility for and compliance with the submission criteria; (ii) grant to CARAS, its licensees, successors, and assigns all required rights and permissions for your participation and performance (if applicable) in the JUNO Awards and/or CARAS related events, including but not limited to the Mentorship Week and related events, JUNO Gala Dinner & Awards, The JUNO Awards Broadcast, JUNO Week events and/or JUNO TV segments, as applicable; (iii) grant and/or obtain approval to/for CARAS, its licensees, successors, and assigns the right to publish the finalist’s name, picture, portrait, likeness, audio-video recording, performance, submission, interview, voice and ideas and any online or wireless dissemination or broadcast thereof in association with their nomination, for advertising and promotional purposes of CARAS and the JUNO Awards, and in association with their participation in the Mentorship Week, The JUNO Awards, JUNO Week, JUNO TV or other CARAS-related events or activities as applicable, worldwide in perpetuity, in all media now known or in the future devised; (iv) release CARAS, its related companies, licensees, successors, assigns, suppliers, agents, sponsors and/or any third party acting on behalf of CARAS, from any and all claims arising from or relating finalist’s participation in the Mentorship Week, The JUNO Awards, JUNO Week or other CARAS-related events or activities, as applicable; (v) waive all moral rights in favour of CARAS, its licensees, successors and assigns; and (vi) agree to take any further actions and sign any and all further documentation that may be necessary to give effect to this provision and these Terms and Conditions.

  8. CARAS will have the right to disqualify you (in addition to any other rights and remedies that CARAS may have at law or in equity), at any time, including after any public announcements related to you and/or your participation in the program are released by CARAS, if CARAS in its sole, absolute and unfettered discretion decides that any act, omission, conduct, association or statement by you (either before, during or after your submission), or any allegation made by a third party regarding any act, omission, conduct, association or statement by you, does or might reflect unfavourably upon or adversely affect the goodwill, reputation or value of you or CARAS or contravenes any CARAS policies, or those of its shareholders, partners or their respective affiliates.  Upon any such disqualification, neither you nor CARAS will have any further obligations to one another under this Agreement and no refund of any amounts paid by you or on your behalf under this Agreement will be issued.

  9. This program will be reviewed at the end of program cycle and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of CARAS Board of Directors and Slaight Music.  

  10. You acknowledge that as part of your submission you will provide personally identifiable information relating to you and/or other individuals ("Personal Information"). You hereby acknowledge that CARAS and/or any third party acting on behalf of CARAS may collect, use and disclose to third parties such Personal Information for the purpose of: (i) evaluating and judging your submission, and administering the judging process; (ii) communicating with you regarding your submission and/or participation in CARAS related events and activities (including but not limited to the Mentorship Week,The JUNO Awards and JUNO Week events, JUNO TV or other events and activities); (iii) publicizing the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class Program, the JUNO Awards and  JUNO Week,  JUNO TV or other CARAS related events or activities in which you have agreed to participate; and (iv) conducting the Allan Slaight JUNO Master Class Program and JUNO Awards related events and activities. You hereby consent to the collection, use and disclosure of the Personal Information for such purposes. In the event that any Personal Information relates to any individual other than you, you hereby represent and warrant to CARAS that you have obtained the consent of any such individual so that you may grant the foregoing consent to CARAS on behalf of such individual.  

  11. CARAS will not be responsible for any failure by CARAS and/or any third party acting on behalf of CARAS to give notices or to apply CARAS’ policies and procedures in a consistent manner. You hereby waive, and hereby release CARAS and all third parties acting on behalf of CARAS from, any and all claims you may have in connection with any of the foregoing.